Azakaw is a comprehensive compliance management software that simplifies regulatory adherence for financial institutions. azakaw streamlines processes like eKYC, customer data management, tax reporting, anti-money laundering, complaints management, and transaction surveillance, empowering businesses to operate with confidence and effectively mitigate risks.

We have successfully developed and commercialised a highly adaptable digital onboarding platform. Our platform caters to a diverse clientele across various business sectors and jurisdictions. It stands out for its user-centric design, bridging the gap often found between client needs and existing market applications that tend to focus on very specific niches. Our platform is not only fully configurable but also meticulously aligns with the unique needs of each client and adheres to the respective regulatory constraints. This client-centric approach ensures that you receive a tailored solution that efficiently addresses your specific requirements in AML and KYC compliance. Our platform offers a more comprehensive and effective compliance tool compared to the conventional, niche-focused applications currently available in the market.