Digital Gate


The DigitalGate  ( Abtikar in Arabic) is a marketplace( Digital)for nurturing talent and upskilling nationals in Cybersecurity, Business,  Real Estate, Supply chain, Finance, Sales and Healthcare. It connects Employer's with Interns/Aspirants.
We use gamification on our Metaverse Rooms for the two sides to connect, and complete Pre-Assess, Upskill, Test, Verify and Transact. 
The three main Communities: A. Aspirant Cloud/Community, B. Mentor Cloud/Community and C. Employer Cloud/Community 
DigitalGate utilizes Metaverse for workplace simulation, this allows fresh graduates to interact with digital twins of equipment and environments similar to real -world experience . This simulated environment helps them to understand to work with the real equipment effectively and increase their hands-on experience.