MobiIoT is a subsidiary company of MobiWire Group, a French mobile terminal manufacturer. MobiWire is known for designing its connected devices on behalf of global players of the mobile industry.

Acting as an Original Design Manufacturer and leader in the solution for cash and electronic payment with the in-house-made MobiPrint Range, MobiIoT tailors a range of widely deployed devices since more than 7 years. Its terminal mostly run on a touchscreen open OS to respond to numerous panel of use cases, such as mobile payment, e.voucher, Air Time, Money Transfer, Bill payments, lottery applications and more.

MobiPrint range operates in urban and non-urban areas, combining real time wireless transactions and if required embedded printing capabilities to allow enterprises, service companies and agents to run their application and services in the most optimized way.

MobiIoT is as well entering the IoT echo system by proposing tailor-made connected devices. Our knowledge in cellular technology allows us to build cost effective devices for deploying your IoT solutions.